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Dry Eye Disease is one of the most common, yet under diagnosed, ocular diseases.  Early onset is characterized by mild symptoms that are often ignored or mismanaged by patients.  As a result, dry eye disease often goes undiagnosed until the symptoms worsen.

According to the DEWS II Management and Therapy Report, the aim of clinical management of DED is to restore homeostasis to the ocular surface. Depending on the diagnostic assessment, the patient may require multiple therapies. As such, a stepped approach to choosing the appropriate therapy is recommended, while keeping in mind that crossover between steps of therapy may be required.

Eye care professionals may recommend the use of supplementary therapies to manage a patient's dry eye disease. I-MED Pharma is proud to offer Optometrists and Ophthalmologists I-RELIEF™ Hot & Cold Therapy Eye Mask with ThermaBeads, which can help patients manage symptoms of Dry Eye Disease, as well as MGD or Blepharitis.  Used hot or cold, this convenient therapeutic eye mask is both soothing and comforting, helping to alleviate symptoms associated with dry eyes.

For patients requiring a multifaceted approach, I-MED Pharma is now offering Optometrists and Ophthalmologists a selection of DRY EYE KITS.  These convenient kits contain varying product assortments allowing eye care professionals to recommend the one best suited to their patients' specific dry eye condition.  

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