What are punctum plugs?

Punctum plugs, also called punctal occluders, block the punctum (tear duct), which is the drainage duct that carries tears away from the surface of the eye. By blocking these, tears are prevented from draining away too quickly leaving the eye dry. This procedure is widely-performed, safe, quick, painless, and totally reversible.

I-MED offers the widest variety of punctum plugs in Canada:


I-PLUG® Punctum Plug

Designed to provide reduction or elimination of tear drainage through the inferior or superior puncta

  • • Molded from medical grade silicone
  • • Available in 3 sizes (small, medium & large)
  • • Sterile, preloaded on an inserter
  • • Also available non-sterile, not loaded (for use with manual inserter)


i-plug punctal plug

UltraPlug™ Silicone Punctum Plugs

Inserted into the punctal opening to block tear drainage though canaliculus,

  • • Permanent
  • • Low profile cap design virtually eliminates foreign body sensation
  • • Easy removal if necessary
  • • Individually packaged
  • • Preloaded on a sterile inserter/dilator
  • • Soft silicone for greater patient comfort



    UltraPlug™ Collagen Absorbable Punctum Plugs

    • • Temporary relief
    • • Manufactured from premium collagen
    • • Used as a diagnostic assessment for permanent punctal occlusion


    UltraPlug™ Extended Wear Absorbable Plugs

    • • Synthetic absorbable plugs
    • • Extended temporary relief (60-180 days)
    • • May be used after ocular surgery to prevent dry eye related complications and to enhance the retention of ocular medications
    • • Treatment option for seasonal allergy sufferers
    • • May be beneficial for contact lens patients experiencing dry eye related symptoms
    • • Manufactured from E-Caprolacton-L-Lactide copolymer (PCL)



    Innovative device
    • • Designed to fit a range of punctum sizes
    • • Made of a flexible thermosensitive acrylic material
    • • Adjusts to the exact shape and size of the punctum

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