Quantitative tear function test
Rapid and Reliable Tear Volume Test
Go from 5 minutes to 5 seconds

Quick – 5 seconds per eye
No anesthetic required

Strip Meniscometry Test for measuring tear volume.
The SMTube™ is for professional in-vivo diagnostic use only.

Size: Box of 50 test strips
The SMTube® is a quick and easy test to measure the volume of tears produced. This quantitative measurement provides important information on the efficacy of the patient’s lacrimal system as part of a complete dry eye diagnosis protocol.

The SMTube® is intended for professional in-vivo diagnostic use only.

SMTube® is a rapid, reliable and inexpensive way to determine tear volume. This is an important step in a diagnosing aqueous deficient dry eye syndrome.

Our in vitro experiments to assess tear-absorbing ability confirmed that the device error stayed within ±1.2 mm in the score, which is precise enough to evaluate the human tear volumes.


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