Give your patients another chance to break the dry eye cycle by adding ocular hygiene to their daily routine.  Proper daily cleansing, in addition to a treatment based on tear lubricants, helps to restore corneal health.

Disruption of the team Film Lipid Layer <–> DED Dry Eye  <–> Ocular Suface Chronic Inflamation  <–> Deficit in Micun Secretion  <–> Cellular Damage  <–> Reduced B.U.T. Tear Hyperosmolarity  <–> Increased Evaporation  

Clean eyelids and lashes

The ingredients in cleansers can make a difference in your patients’ overall eye care.  Choosing I-LID N LASH®, a specially formulated cleanser containing sodium hyaluronate provides a gentle and soothing, yet effective manner to clean eyelids and lashes. One simple daily application will help remove ocular debris, reduce extra-ocular inflammation, moisturize delicate skin and enhance the effectiveness of artificial tears like I-DROP®.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil (TTO) is an essential oil derived mainly from the native Australian plant Melaleuca alternifolia. Employed largely for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, TTO is incorporated as the active ingredient in many topical formulations used to treat cutaneous infections. I-LID N LASH® Plus solution used on a daily basis may have therapeutic effects for ocular surface discomfort and in Demodex blepharitis patients.


We offer a wide range of ocular hygiene products. Find the one that best suits your patients’ eyes: